Croatia Cruises – A Way to Look at Marine Wonders

Croatia boasts all ingredients needed to become a popular holiday hotspot. It is a country with numerous natural wonders to explore. Thanks to its pristine coastlines and a myriad of small and big islands. The country flaunts a pleasant weather with very soft, warm climate just soothing your mood.

Taking cruises in Croatia are different from other countries. Conjure up scenes of you and your friends embarking upon a journey in a small wooden ship. Here, the ship is known as gulet. Unlike boats and ships, gulets are small, yet sumptuous. Gulet cruises will take you to the marine world where many astounding things of the Adriatic are waiting to be explored. Imagine any place in Croatia, gullet cruises will take you right there. Some of the main places that you will not like to miss out are unspoilt islands, Dalmatia Coast, Brijuni, Krka and Komati.

If you are someone who does not mind spending a bit more on a Croatia tour, it is advised to get hold of a reliable and trustworthy gulet charter company. Luxury tours are organised by these companies that mainly include the main destinations like Zadar, Split Islands, Dalmatian cities and Kornati. However, you can further shape trip by taking a custom cruise tour.

The Adriatic Sea:

Plan a day trip to the Adriatic Sea and do not miss any chance to explore its towns and islands around. As your day progresses, you will discover more and more fun things. From soaking in the sun to relaxing on the shaded parts of your gulet’s deck, there is no way that you will be left unsatisfied. A tiny, enclosed sea is blessed with some of the best diving sites or spots in the world. Diving experts who are also enthusiastic about witnessing diverse flora and fauna will find the Adriatic an awesome destination. Take a glance at its islets, reefs, crags and corals.

Dalmatia is thronged by millions. Reason? It is blessed with magical visions. When it is said magical visions, you can experience that only when you plan a trip to this part of the world. It is one of the four Croatian regions flaunting turquoise waters, pristine bays and rocky hills. As you cruise through the clear vision of Mediterranean fish playing around will dance before your eyes. Stop for a while to catch some before returning to your Croatia holiday apartments.

5 Ways to Explore Orlando Nightlife

So, you are a party animal. You will be happy to know that your next vacation destination i.e. Orlando shows off some of the top-notch nightclubs in the country. These clubs are mostly seen thronged or graced by locals, socialites, politicians, stars and celebrities. If you are fortunate enough, there is a chance to meet your favorite star at some of the following nightclubs.

Firestone Live:

Trance beats forcing you high energy dance! Firestone Live is one of the best places to come and indulge in dance, music and gastronomy. Various actions are performed here till late night. The best part of visiting Firestone Live is that you can have an array of choices. Though you might not find DJs, Indie rock and punk acts are vastly visible. Go upstairs and have a complete look at the dance floor. The upstairs has a lounge to relax.


Another top-notch nightclub in Orlando is Pulse. Within a short walk from the I-4 freeway is located this gay-friendly club nightclub. Pulse enchants its guests by showcasing some great skills by its professional dancers. The dancers are well-versed and can change your mood in no time. As you step inside, you will see happenings including Temptation Tuesday, Pulsate Saturday and Gay College Night.


If you have spent hours at the theme parks during daytime, it is probably time to cool off in the evening. And when you seek the best place to cool off, you just have to drive to downtown Orlando. Antigua is calling you for sure. This is a hotspot for locals as well as visitors who want some great time. Known for great drinks, the nightclub brings in variations as well. The drinking menu keeps changing week to week. Imagine taking a shot in the background of five hundred gallons tropical fish tank and cascading waterfalls.

Dragon Room Cocktail Boutique:

At Dragon Room Cocktail Boutique, get ready to shake your legs to the tunes of the DJs. This is an upscale club with aesthetic and super chic design. The cocktail bar is very captivating as it invites customers to have a drink and tear up the floor.

Tabu Nightclub:
Public faces like Colin Farrel, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are a regular seen at Tabu Nightclub. Tabu, which was formerly called as the Zuma Beach Club, boasts a spacious floor and upstairs lounge. Orlando vacation homes are located close to the club. Choose a place to stay and make the most out of your Orlando vacation.

Top Florida Vacation Ideas for Romantic Couples

From idyllic sandy beaches to the spectacular water parks, from incredible sunshine all through the year to fantastic range of outdoor adrenaline – there’s no way one would deny a vacation in Florida, the Sunshine State. From a wide gamut of places for great eating and staying to astounding air balloon rides, relaxing massages and golfing, the state certainly makes an excellent spot for couples.

Hot Air Balloon:

Imagine you and your partner are high up in the sky, confined in a tiny space, hanging. This certainly boosts your adrenaline. If your partner loves adventure, hot air balloon is simply incredible. Hot air ballooning is probably a must-to-do outdoor activity in this part of the world. There are several renowned companies that make special arrangements for lovers, couples and families. When you embark upon such exciting activities ensure that the weather is great.

Hollis Garden:

If you happen to be in Central Florida, don’t forget to walk around the impressive Hollis Garden. It is a star attraction in the area. Take a lazy stroll along with your wife hand-in-hand and delight in the beauty of nature. Hollis Garden is situated in downtown Lakeland and covers an area of 1.2 acres where visitors would be lost in the aroma of thousands of plants and flowers. Besides the colorful flower display, your eyes will probably be stuck in the splendor of cascading waterfalls, fountains, koi pond, a lily pond and a grotto. All these attractions will help you make the atmosphere ever more romantic. Do not forget to visit the butterfly garden.

Bok Tower Gardens:

There is another spectacular attraction to visit in Central Florida. It is called Bok Tower Gardens. This place has been home to numerous events. Every now and then art exhibitions and concerts take place to amuse visitors. Marvel the stunning sunset view atop Iron Mountain is the most amazing thing to do here.
Tired? If so, why not indulge in a relaxing session by seeking a spa treatment for couples. This is something most couples would want to do in Florida. The state has, in fact, earned an undisputed name in offering excellent spa services. If you believe in relaxing and unwinding in a different way, suggesting you a round of golf is not a bad idea either. Popular golf clubs are within easy walk from luxurious Florida vacation rentals.

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